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Stage Design incorporates a wide range of subjects aiming at educating artistic designers in all types and genres of stage and film art, as well as in stage costume, state lighting, digital stage design and animation, multi-media performance and installations.
The nature of this discipline is determined by the main, traditionally established specific characteristics in the profession of stage designer, taking into account the dynamic changes in visual arts and theatre and film, resulting from the overlapping of inter-genre boundaries and the effect of digital technologies.
The artist in the repertory theatre or the opera, in the marionette theatre, as well as in ballet, film, video, TV, digital animation and visual performances, is also a creator of a synthesis between time and space in which the principles of visual and space composition are interpreted in the context of time composition and drama conflict. Tuition and curricula aim at meeting these diverse requirements.
In BA, the education aims at providing multilaterally addressed fundamental and special theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the main genres of stage and film art: in the repertory theatre or the opera, in the operetta, in the marionette theatre, film, video, TV, digital animation, as well as in the author.s para-theatre skills such as multimedia performance, happening, kinetic installations and other forms of interactive public spectacles.
In MA, the aim is to create a personal creative form of education of specific artistic style, following the work in various manners of interpretation of the MA task. New theoretical material is under viewing, to prove the relations between elements of the newly created style and some basic aspects of the entire history and theory of culture and art.
In doctoral dissertations, research focuses on specific fields of knowledge mainly relating to the wide range of problems of Stage Design.
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